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ALK Mutation studies

These studies present research on numerous mutations of the ALK gene, which can cause certain tumours to become resistant to particular drugs.

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Articles about numerous potential ALK inhibitor drugs

These articles are overview or summary articles that discuss 3 of more potential drugs that may inhibit the growth of ALK + tumours.

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FDA approval of Crizotinib (Xalkori) and background information

This page is for people to discuss and post links to research about the ALK inhibitor called Crizotinib also known as Xalkori (formerly PF-02341066).

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Clinical trial and research by Novartis

This page covers research by Novartis including the phase I study of the ALK inhibitor called LDK378. It also covers research on the ALK inhibitor TAE684. At this time it is not clear how the two relate, but presumably Novartis had a reason for moving … Continue reading

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Other Drugs

A place to post info on other potential drugs for which there is no specific page or for posting research that covers two or more different drugs.

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Xalkori (Crizotinib) Side Effects

This page is for patients to discuss any side effects they have had as a result of taking Crizotinib. I also link to some webpages that include statistical data about side effects.

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