Loralatinib phase II results

Published on 11-6-18, I believe in conjunction with the FDA approval. 276 ALK+ & ROS1+ patients. But only adverse events were reported for the ROS1 patients

The description of the results in the article I found was very confusing. The article said there were 6 cohorts but described 7. Then it reported results but it kept combining results from different cohorts in different combinations. Here are a few results that I could sort out.

For treatment naive patients, 90% had partial or complete responses & 66.7% had intracranial responses.

For patients who were treated with one or more ALK inhibitors, 47% had a partial or complete response and 29% had stable disease.  63% had an intracranial response.

Excess cholesterol and triglycerides were the most common side effects, but 18% reported cognitive effects.


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