X-396 update and info on liquid biopsy

Abstract 9056 is an update of info previously published on this site.

The study involved 60 patients of whom 30 were ALK+ NSCLC. Of that 30, 19 (60%) had partial responses (PR).

8 patients were Crizotinib naive and of them 7 (88%) had PRs.

12 patients had prior Crizotinib but no other ALK inhibitor, of them 10 (83%) had PRs.

CNS responses have been observed.

As for the liquid biopsy. ALK was detected in the blood plasma of 16 patients, all of whom responded to treatment. Serial sampling and sequencing demonstrated that a decrease in ALK in patients responding and a increase in ALK at the time of progression. These results do not appear to be robust enough to on their own justify routinely doing a liquid biopsy, but rather an area for more in depth research to be done.

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