Britatinib abstract

Abstract 9007 covers the Phase 2 trial (ALTA) comparing two dosing schemes. There were 222 patients who had progressed on Crizotinib. Results where as of 12-7-15.

Arm A received 90 mg straight through.  Arm Breceived 90 mg for the first 7 days then received 180 mg from then on.

Arm A had ORR of 46% including 1 confirmed complete response, median PFS was 8.8 months. There were 3% discontinuations and 7% dose reductions.

Arm B had ORR of 54% including 5 confirmed complete responses, median PFS was 11.1 months. There were 6% discontinuations and 18% dose reductions.

While there were 6% (3% > or = grade 3 ) of early onset pulmonary events within the first 7 days after original dosing. However there were no such events during the first 7 days of increasing the dose to 180 mg.

the data will be updated at the oral presentation.

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