Entrectinib phase 1-2 trial update

Entrectinib was tested in 119 patients with three kinds of mutations: NTRK+, ALK, and ROS1. Efficacy data was reported for 24 patients.

For ALK there appear to have been 5 patients, and 57% of them had a tumor response (presumably not all partial responses). The article said “‘This response is comparable to Crizotinib,’ Dr Gandhi said ‘With the next generation of ALK inhibitors likely to replace Crizotinib, the bar is set high for targeting ALK,’ she added.'”.

For ROS1 the overall response rate was 86% (12 of 14) (presumably not all partial responses).

For NTRK+ the overall response rate was 100% (5 of 5) (presumably not all partial responses).

There are plans to conduct a phase 2 trial now that the MTD has been defined.


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