Additional Brigatinib info

Ariad has posted a new presentation from European Lung Cancer Conference on their website for a limited time.

Pages 7-13 are most relevant. Page 8 shows a breakdown of how patients  responded by dose. 90 mg had a ORR of 77%; 90->180 mg had an ORR 79%; 180 mg had an ORR of 65%.

Page 9 has a PFS survival curve graph and a regular survival curve graph. Both show Crizotinib naive patients doing better than Crizotinib pretreated patients. Importantly both charts show a fair degree of plateauing in the curves after about 12 to 18 months and the plateaus are at relatively high levels. For example, a plateau for Crizotinib pretreated patients of over 70% surviving after 2 years. The plateaus look impressive, but I think each tick mark indicates a patient who left the study for unknown reasons (but probably many were moving on to other treatments). But the graphs do look better than graphs I have seen for other ALK inhibitors. If anyone knows more than I do about survival curves please correct me.

Page 10 looks at brain Mets and finds that the median brain PFS is 15.6 months. Pages 11-13 look at side effects of the drug.

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