Brigatinib update

Thanks to Dave for pointing this out.

This info can be found on Ariad’s site under Investors, presentations. It’s from the Cowan Healthcare presentation which may only be available for a few weeks. The relevant info is on pages 15-16. Similar info can be found in a press release from 4/15/2016.

Page 15 is a Waterfall graph with 70 patients from the Phase 1-2 trial. It shows a disease control rate of 92.9% and an objective response rate of 82.9% and a complete response rate of 10%. It appears that over 85% of these patients are Crizotinib resistant.

Of note, there are 25 patients who achieved either 100% shrinkage of tumors or a complete response (35.7%). Not sure why these are not all labeled as complete responses.

Page 16 shows a different kind of graph, which shows how long patients are on the drug before they progress. The median PFS for Crizotinib resistant patients is 13.4 months (which I think is the longest yet reported but I am not sure about Alectinib). For 8 patients who are Crizotinib naive as of 24 months the Median PFS has not been reached and is not known but the line is trending better than the Crizotinib resistant patients.

Comparing Brigatinib to Ceritinib and Alectinib. The Objective response rate for ALK inhibitor pretreated patients was 56% for Ceritinib, 48% for Alectinib, and 80.6% for Brigatinib. For ALK naive patients the objective response rate for Ceritinib was 72%, for Britatinib was 100% (8 of 8), and unknown for Alectinib.


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