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Here are 18 ALK+ related abstract links related to the drugs listed below. On the ASCO website 77 abstracts refered to both “ALK” and “Inhibitor”.  When I get a chance I will write up a summary on some of the more interesting ones. Many of the results had a 2014 cutoff date ( 1 as early as June 2014) so several of these will probably be updated at ASCO at the start of June. In some cases these or very similar results have previously been summarized on this site.

Crizotinib  Comparison of ALK detection methods, 98 patients, Nov. 2014 data cutoff   Criz & STA 9090, 12 patients   Comparison with Ceritinib, 746 patients  First line vs second line, 68 patients, 1-29-2015 data cutoff   Treatment choices after Criz resistance

Ceritinib   Phase 1, 22 Pediatric patients   Phase 2, ASCEND 2, 140 patients, prior Criz, Aug. 2014 data cutoff   Phase 2, ASCEND 3, 124 patients, Criz naive, 6-27-2014 data cutoff   Comparison with Crizotinib, 746 patients

Alectinib   46 ALK naive patients in Japan, 10-31-2014 data cutoff   Global Phase 2, prior Criz, 138 patients, 8-18-2014 data cutoff  U.S. & Canada Phase 2, prior Criz, 87 patients, 10-24-2014 data cutoff   Alectinib after Criz, 11 patients

Brigatinib   Phase 1/2, 79 ALK+ patients, 8-4-2014 data cutoff

Entrectinib   Phase 1/2, 15 patients   Phase 1, 31 patients, only a few ALK+

TSR 011   Phase 1/2, 46 patients, 19 ALK+

PF 3922   Phase 1/2, 22 patients   Phase 1/2, 22 patients, efficacy

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