Imunotherapy update for NSCLC (not squamous cell)

On April 17 it was announced that a large study of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co’s Opdivo treatment has been halted after proving the drug is effective against the most common form of lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). When a similar thing happened in January 2015, it took about two months for the FDA to grant approval for OPdivo to be sold for squamous cell lung cancer.

Merck announced on April 19 it has filed for U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of its similar imunotherapy drug Keytruda as a treatment for patients with NSCLC whose disease has worsened despite previous treatment.

Merck’s Phase 1 study of 495 patients with NSCLC found that 45% of patients with levels over 49% of PD-L1 responded to Keytruda, compared with 16.5 percent of patients with PD-L1 levels of 1% to 49%.

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