Ignyta update

As of December 4, 2014, Ignyta has posted the following in a press release:

“Entrectinib is currently in two Phase I/II clinical trials, the STARTRK-1 trial and the ALKA-372-001 trial. The company presented interim results from the ALKA-372-001 study in September 2014 at the ESMO annual meeting. The interim findings at such date showed:

No dose-limiting toxicities were observed, and only one Grade 3 or higher possibly drug-related adverse event was observed (Grade 3 fatigue, which subsided with dose reduction);
Eight patients remained on active treatment across the three dosing schedules, with four patients having received 9 to 21 cycles of treatment;
Entrectinib demonstrated a complete response in a patient with ROS1-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC);
Entrectinib demonstrated five partial responses, in patients with three different cancer histologies (colorectal cancer, NSCLC and neuroblastoma) and in patients with each of TrkA, ROS1 and ALK alterations; and
Entrectinib demonstrated prolonged stable disease in two patients: one with ALK-positive NSCLC and one with ROS1-positive pancreatic cancer.”


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