Xcovery poster update on X396

Not much new compared to press release

Responses were observed in 2 patients with centralized nervous system mets. That is out of 11 ALK+ patients (no idea how many had brain mets). 3 patients on treatment over 40 weeks.

No idea why out of 35 patients only 18 were ALK positive and only 11 were evaluable. 28% were Crizotinib naive.

Half life is 23 hours. Taking pills with food reduced absorption by 20%.


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  1. ChrisSnyder says:

    The poster showed that they had one ceridinib resistant patient who had complete response in the retroperitoneal lymph node but progression due to bone/CNS mets. They claim to be able to inhibit the F1174 mutants which are resistant to ceritinib and crizotinib.

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