Audiovisual presentation on 2nd generation ALK inhibitors

Here is a link to a PowerPoint type presentation on second generation ALK inhibitors by Dr. Alice Shaw from Massachusetts General Hospital. It includes a discussion of Crizotinib and resistance mechanisms. It also includes a discussion of second generation inhibitors: Novartis’ LDK378, Chugai’s AF802, and Ariad’s AP26113. The discussion includes initial response rates to the drugs, waterfall charts, and the most common side effects.

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2 Responses to Audiovisual presentation on 2nd generation ALK inhibitors

  1. WenChieh says:

    I have a question, why TAE684 is not developed? Have any information?

    • admin says:

      TAE684 had some problems with how it interacted with the body. When they fixed that the drug was renamed as LDK378 which is currently in clinical trials.

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